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You and Your Family Come First

My parents taught me to always give thanks for our bless-ings and give back to our community in any way we could. South Texas families have been forgotten by those who repre-sent us in Austin. Cities like Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio have leaders who work for them and not for special interests. We deserve the same. It’s time we stop cutting corners to make ends meet and invest in South Texas families.

Eliminating Colonias

For decades, Texas has passed tough laws, and spent hundreds of millions of dollars, to end colonias by requiring the basics for our struggling first-time homeowners…such as septic system allowances if sewage is not nearby, fire hydrant connections and water supply connections if pota-ble water supplies are nearby, and other basics that ‘fast-handed’ developers try to saddle a hard-working, innocent homebuyer with…after they’ve made that land sale.
Now, there are those who want to repeal these laws so that unscrupulous developers and land owners can make a quick buck. We must keep these special interests from undoing all this hard work. Further, Texas must continue to invest in the needed infrastructure to erase colonias from South Texas.

Ending Predatory Lending

For too long predatory lenders have forced thousands of Texans into a cycle of debt that can’t be escaped.
We need tougher, not weaker, laws on predatory lenders.
Unfortunately, payday and car title lenders are usually the first business many go to when hard times hit.
It is time to help our families.