Ana Lisa | Education
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Our Youth + Good Education = A Successful and Brighter Future for Everyone

As a former district judge, I saw the effects of our under-funded public schools in my courtroom every day.
Every child and young adult deserve fair opportunities for a brighter and successful future.

Coming from a family of educators — my mother, father, and sister have all taught in Texas public schools — I know how important it is to minimize required standardized test-ing, to pay our teachers and paraprofessionals the profes-sional salary they deserve, and to keep health care premi-ums affordable for our retired public school teachers.

Our teachers hold our future in their hands when they teach every day. They deserve to live on decent wages not only while they are teaching but when they retire. Our teachers deserve MORE!

The future of South Texas depends on the tools we pro-vide to our children and adults who missed the opportunity to get educated at a younger age. These opportunities come in different ways—high school or community col-lege trade classes, expanding TEXAS grants for an af-fordable higher education and investing in our public schools